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Softbox Godox Strip 35x160cm
Softbox Godox Strip 35x160cm
Softbox Godox Strip 35x160cm

Softbox Godox Strip 35x160cm

Rp 35.000
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  • Unit Softbox
  • Honeycomb Grid
  • Bag

The 35x160cm Softbox with Bowens Speed Ring and Grid from Godox is a modifier that fits full size Godox flash heads or other brands with the widely used Bowens front accessory mount. Good for all types of photo work, the softbox renders a soft, flattering quality of light with open shadows and manageable contrast. The included fabric grid attaches to the front of the softbox via touch-fasteners. The grid provides directional control of the output, keeps light off the background, and allows you to light specific areas of your subject.

  • For Soft, Pleasing Quality of Light
  • Fabric Grid Provides Control
  • For Godox Full Size Flash Heads
  • Widely Compatible Bowens Speed Ring